Are you more into glamping or gamping?

The outdoor accommodation business re-inventing itself through innovation (and made-up words)

Made-up words aren’t new, though they often have to do with IT or any other new trend. And outdoor accommodation is no exception to the rule.


You used to be camping?
Well, get ready to go:

  • glamping
  • gamping

Can you guess the words hidden behind these terms?

  1. Glamping

Haven’t been glamping yet?
As you might have guessed, it’s indeed made of the words « Glamour » and « Camping », and disputably appeared either in 2005 in the UK, or in 2007 in the US.

As Wikipedia states it (yup, we did our research for you), even though the word is recent, the concept is more ancient and can be observed around the 16th century in Anatolia as in Europe.

But what kind of concept are we talking about exactly?
What is “glamping”?

  • What it is

Before all, it is a style of camping that offers organisation and amenities “like at home“, in order to make your life as comfortable, if not more.


Having running water or electricity is nothing exceptional, as well as walking on a real floor or benefiting from wifi internet and all regular technology of today.

But then what’s the point of going outdoors if only to find oneself in the same environment we just left?
Where is the adventure, the authenticity, the healthy distance with what makes our everyday life all year-round?

First, it is actually a question of breaking with everyday life, or at least a part of it. But not necessarily with your habits… and even less with our homey comfort.
And that is the whole point of glamping!

Nature and comfort aren’t opposing here, but on the contrary complement one another to enhance the holidays’ experience.

This generally happens through two angles :

  • An unusual type of accommodation (yurte, tepee, top-end caravan, ecolodge, …),
  • A fairly good comfort level (bedding, catering, sanitary facilities) that not all regular campings offer.

hébergement glamping

A certain luxury to some extent, owned up by a rather connected-, a bit eco/bobo community. But not only!

It is not uncommon in these “gamp sites” to run into families looking for an original experience that simultaneously offer amenities making their stay easier, more pleasant. Especially with children around.

After all, holidays are also made to relax, aren’t they?

  • Ultimately

Glamping is therefore far from what you might expect from wild or farm camping …unless you offer your visitors services and amenities one can expect from a hotel.
You will then be totally in tune with this clientele.

What then started in the 16th century and later developed in African safaris (20th c.) could come and show onto your own land.

If you feel ready for it, start shortlisting our guest houses and find the one matching the best with glampers’ expectations!

They come in all sizes, style, with or without sauna. Feel free to convert them in any way you like.

Chambre d'hôtes gîtes glamping gamping Nordic Bungalow

  1. Gamping


One letter less, and worlds apart!
Or almost.

The concept behind the merging of the words “Garden” and “Camping” here differs indeed from the aforementioned glamour concept. The place of accommodation itself is most of the time diametrically opposite. Over and gone with the remote land in the midst of nature with no neighbours (except for another glamper maybe).

When you “gamp”, you spend the night …in a garden (you got it right). A garden that can actually be even yours: some tried it out and loved “the joys of a true mini-adventure [without] hardship“. A particularly enriching experience in family or with friends.

And so the gampers gamp in individuals’ private garden, while benefiting from the amenities put at their disposal by the landowners. It is thus also an opportunity for both parties to share local tips to travel stories through much more.

Beyond the aspect of profitability, gamping is clearly about meeting and sharing.

  • A practical housing coming with complementary income?

gamping camping in garden

While its comfort is expected more low-key than its glamour counterpart, gamping has an edge on authenticity, along with a more affordable budget for travellers.

Tents in the garden won’t therefore be a surprise, while solid constructions are also offered by some landowners.

On the landowner’s side, offering gamping is possible – to some extent.
A site licence might indeed be required from your local authority “for tented camping (including trailer tents)”, along with a time limit (more details here).

But for cabins?
This is where you have to ask your local authorities for the specific law in your area.
If no regulations have yet been implemented, or if the local council ruled against any licence, then you might want to hear about David’s experience. And how much he made the first year he built a cabin for rent.

Should there be any licence to pay to make it a perfectly legal little business, we believe you will still make some money, only not as fast is all.
And who cares anyway since you were considering this cabin for yourself only in the first place?

All this means investing into a quality bungalow (or any bespoke cabin of your choice) to accommodate travellers will be made both enjoyable and profitable.

So if the idea of welcoming tourists on your land and share some of your facilities with them doesn’t repel you, then you should surely feel welcome to the gamping community !

  1. Verdict

Which concept do you feel closest to eventually?
Are you more into glamping or gamping?


Each surely has its edges over the other, so to each his own. And one doesn’t cancel the other out after all.

One thing is sure whatever it be: these two concepts are typical of a new way to perceive travels, accommodation and meeting.

Less hassle, more comfort, while benefiting from surroundings, charm, authenticity…

A whole that we advocate for a wider diversity of accommodation and thus experiences.

That is why we, Nordic Bungalow, humbly remain at your disposal for designing any project you have in mind – whether it is through our catalogue or for a bespoke cabin.

Safe trips, bon voyage and happy encounters!

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