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6 540.00

Here is a log cabin for people who look for all-in-one models. With three well-divided rooms and three obvious different functions, the Compact 44 S has a lot to offer.

6 560.00

A classical garden house for people who value tradition. Enjoy the spacious sheltered terrace surrounded by built-to-last quality timber!

6 790.00

A practicality-oriented cabin with a lot of potential, designed to last as well as to look good on your land. It is the compact solution for quality-goers.

7 160.00

Your guests will yield to this post-and-beam garden house. It simply has it all.

7 470.00

Get a living-room together with a closed and lockable 8 m² storage room ...and a vast 23 m² covered terrace!

7 850.00

A modern design bungalow that stands as an uncompromising solution for those fond of contemporary design. This mid-size cabin with canopy offers cosiness and quality space for the whole household.

7 910.00

Like the idea of mixing designs? This is what our Cute Cottage series is about.

8 450.00

A large storage space, home office or an uncompromising sleeping area with spacious possibilities. This L model is suitable for as many options as you seem fit, and shaped up as a nice-looking design cabin that will make you stand out.

8 660.00

Style Suite 70 S is the smallest model in the product family - simple and compact. The given model is well suited as a cottage by the seaside or between fields where one can relax from the long work week.

8 740.00

Fond of contemporary design and eager to let the light shine in? Enjoy the first and last rays of daylight from this two-storey open-to-the-outside Dawn cabin.

8 810.00

A double-pitched roof to respect the tradition, a glass facade to embrace modernity. Do you like both? Both styles are blended into this large version of our Cute Cottage models.

9 250.00

The smallest of the series, and it has it all. Get acquainted with a garden house offering three rooms, independent entrances and a long terrace!

9 250.00

Spacious and shaped up as a nice-looking design cabin, this 2-storey garden guesthouse is suitable for as many options as you seem fit. Get cosy and homey!

9 420.00

The looks and feel of a cottage in the country. A clients' favourite!

9 570.00

Ideal to host a couple of friends or relatives, the smallest model of our Cosy Corner series will win the hearts of your guests.

9 600.00

You will not be given a better view to the surroundings than from these two glazed walls. Let the nature around you do the show!

9 650.00

A large country house not designed for the faint of heart. A solid and sustainable choice!

9 870.00

The spacious terrace and large capacity rooms turn this model into an especially multi-functional garden house which does not restrict your possibilities for using and enjoying the cottage as a mini office, storage area or grill house. The large terrace is ideal for grilling with a group even when it is raining, offering shelter to your family and friends.

10 040.00

The smallest model with sauna of our Cosy Corner series will surely warm the hearts (and else) of your guests. 

11 080.00

Don't get misled by the S tag, this garden house has it all! Get acquainted with its huge living-room, its many entrances, and its looong terrace...Issued from the flat-roof series of Bonny Bungalows.

11 120.00

Be it a guesthouse or a workshop, this compact and convenient lodge is made for days and nights alike, thanks to the upper sleeping floor.

11 190.00

1+1 = 1 That's right. Read on for further details.

12 010.00

A spacious garden house offering easy accommodation. Grill evenings or weekends with a larger than average group aren't a problem anymore!

12 200.00

This average-sized model with sauna will surely warm the hearts (and else) of both your friends and family.