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3 660.00

You have a small plot, and yet would love to install a cabin other than a shed on it? Take a look at the most compact model of our Shiny Studio range!

3 880.00

Both wood & glass materials are blended into this XS version of our Cute Cottage models. See how charming you find it!

4 140.00

A wood & glass cube that will bring your garden a touch of class, along with plenty of light.

4 570.00

A 19.60 m² of inner surface area, a flat roof, a terrace. Who needs more? 

4 780.00

The Style Office 44 S is designed for remote work. Yet this garden cabin is suitable for many other uses. Discover them here!

4 940.00

You will not be given a better view to the surroundings than from these two glazed walls. Let the nature around you do the show!

4 970.00

Are you looking for a garden studio, where to accommodate guests, tenants - or even install a home office? The Superb Studio 44 A Square offers you just that.

5 020.00

The Superb Studio 44 A Skew has the looks, but also the practicality of a well-thought-out cabin.

5 190.00

The house is small enough to fit in the home yard, yet offers sufficient functionalities. From a lounge to a home office to a fitness room or an external kitchen, your only worry will be to decide which use to go for!

5 210.00

Allow yourself a flat roof garden cabin with a huge terrace, and there will be no more excuses not getting some fresh air!

5 280.00

A wood & glass studio to bring your garden a touch of class? In addition to practicality? That is what the garden rooms of our Shiny Studio Series bring.

5 570.00

A unique bungalow with an open gable roof blended with a glass facade.

5 690.00

Are you looking for a bright garden studio, where to accommodate guests or work from within your garden? This is it.

5 940.00

A smartly-designed cabin for recreational time or work. For there is charm in simplicity.

6 070.00

The wood & glass palace that is our Shiny Studio 44 L will bring your garden a touch of class.

6 080.00

Despite its S tag, our Gentle Garden 44 S model makes no compromises on design or functionality. Allow yourself a garden hut that is easy to assemble and with very few maintenance!

6 540.00

Here is a log cabin for people who look for all-in-one models. With three well-divided rooms and three obvious different functions, the Compact 44 S has a lot to offer.

6 560.00

A classical garden house for people who value tradition. Enjoy the spacious sheltered terrace surrounded by built-to-last quality timber!

7 160.00

Your guests will yield to this post-and-beam garden house. It simply has it all.

7 470.00

Get a living-room together with a closed and lockable 8 m² storage room ...and a vast 23 m² covered terrace!

7 850.00

A modern design bungalow that stands as an uncompromising solution for those fond of contemporary design. This mid-size cabin with canopy offers cosiness and quality space for the whole household.

7 910.00

Like the idea of mixing designs? This is what our Cute Cottage series is about.

8 450.00

A large storage space, home office or an uncompromising sleeping area with spacious possibilities. This L model is suitable for as many options as you seem fit, and shaped up as a nice-looking design cabin that will make you stand out.

8 660.00

Style Suite 70 S is the smallest model in the product family - simple and compact. The given model is well suited as a cottage by the seaside or between fields where one can relax from the long work week.