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A smartly-designed cabin for recreational time or work. For there is charm in simplicity.

Extra spaciousness in this lovely sauna cottage, as large glazed-doors and windows offer a delicious perspective all the way to the outside terrace.

Enjoy both spacious rooms and an angled terrace in this elegantly-designed 2-room garden suite. Run it as a mini office or a holiday place to retreat and grill - we'll understand either.

Have some spare time and land? Need a place away from the city lights and hum? Go on a retreat to this homey garden cabin, and enjoy life as it should be.

Need to invite friends over to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or organise a wedding and accommodate all guests afterwards? One garden house with sufficient shelter, large spacious rooms and sauna readiness lets you realise all possible ideas from a large recreational lounge to functional living quarters for a large group of friends.

The Superb Studio 44 A Skew has the looks, but also the practicality of a well-thought-out cabin.

Are you looking for a garden studio, where to accommodate guests, tenants - or even install a home office? The Superb Studio 44 A Square offers you just that.

Are you looking for a bright garden studio, where to accommodate guests or work from within your garden? This is it.