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9 650.00

A large country house not designed for the faint of heart. A solid and sustainable choice!

11 190.00

1+1 = 1 That's right. Read on for further details.

12 010.00

A spacious garden house offering easy accommodation. Grill evenings or weekends with a larger than average group aren't a problem anymore!

12 710.00

Treat yourself with an oldie-looking yet-goldie country house.

14 070.00

A generous two-storey lodge of fine quality to spend days and nights alike in.

15 360.00

This average-sized garden bungalow will easily welcome all your dear ones... all the way to the externalised bedroom. An ideal guesthouse to entertain a small group of people!

16 130.00

Need to invite friends over to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or organise a wedding and accommodate all guests afterwards? One garden house with sufficient shelter, large spacious rooms and sauna readiness lets you realise all possible ideas from a large recreational lounge to functional living quarters for a large group of friends.

19 320.00

A guest house with sauna that will easily welcome a couple, and provide them with a double bedroom, a carport and all necessary space to settle in cosily.

23 940.00

Feel like going premium? This guesthouse is made for groups, with two double bedrooms, a sauna, a carport, and all necessary space to settle in cosily.