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3 180.00

Looking for a 2-room garden cabin which doesn't take much space in your yard? The Gimont offers you just that, shed included!

3 200.00

Looking for a 2-room garden cabin which doesn't take much space in your yard? The Gaillac offers you just that, shed included!

6 540.00

Here is a log cabin for people who look for all-in-one models. With three well-divided rooms and three obvious different functions, the Compact 44 S has a lot to offer.

7 470.00

Get a living-room together with a closed and lockable 8 m² storage room ...and a vast 23 m² covered terrace!

8 660.00

Style Suite 70 S is the smallest model in the product family - simple and compact. The given model is well suited as a cottage by the seaside or between fields where one can relax from the long work week.

9 250.00

The smallest of the series, and it has it all. Get acquainted with a garden house offering three rooms, independent entrances and a long terrace!

9 420.00

The looks and feel of a cottage in the country. A clients' favourite!

9 570.00

Ideal to host a couple of friends or relatives, the smallest model of our Cosy Corner series will win the hearts of your guests.

9 870.00

The spacious terrace and large capacity rooms turn this model into an especially multi-functional garden house which does not restrict your possibilities for using and enjoying the cottage as a mini office, storage area or grill house. The large terrace is ideal for grilling with a group even when it is raining, offering shelter to your family and friends.

11 080.00

Don't get misled by the S tag, this garden house has it all! Get acquainted with its huge living-room, its many entrances, and its looong terrace...Issued from the flat-roof series of Bonny Bungalows.

11 120.00

Be it a guesthouse or a workshop, this compact and convenient lodge is made for days and nights alike, thanks to the upper sleeping floor.

12 200.00

This average-sized model with sauna will surely warm the hearts (and else) of both your friends and family.

13 210.00

A two-storey original building with a patio canopy! Be it a guesthouse or a summer lodge, this garden cabin is made for days and nights alike.

14 190.00

The house from pure nature is equal in quality to all other Nordic Bungalow cottages. Quality large doors and windows combined with the living room and terrace create a feeling of extra spaciousness.

15 420.00

This average-sized garden bungalow will easily welcome all your dear ones... all the way to the externalised sauna. An ideal guesthouse to entertain a small group of people.