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Questhouses ranged from 24 m² to 73 m², here’s our collection of sauna-embedded garden bungalows!
Set as a separate roomfrom the main building, saunas are made for you to go sweat and relax any time of the year.
Note that we provide the bench inside the sauna, while we let you choose the stove of your choice.
We recommend Huum, manufacturer of quality and beautifully-designed sauna stoves and ovens.

Moreover, note that you can still ask us to add a sauna room in other Nordic Bungalow models, should you have already made your choice on another one.

This average-sized garden bungalow will easily welcome all your dear ones... all the way to the externalised sauna. An ideal guesthouse to entertain a small group of people.

This average-sized model with sauna will surely warm the hearts (and else) of both your friends and family.

The smallest model with sauna of our Cosy Corner series will surely warm the hearts (and else) of your guests. 

A guest house with sauna that will easily welcome a couple, and provide them with a double bedroom, a carport and all necessary space to settle in cosily.

Feel like going premium? This guesthouse is made for groups, with two double bedrooms, a sauna, a carport, and all necessary space to settle in cosily.

Extra spaciousness in this lovely sauna cottage, as large glazed-doors and windows offer a delicious perspective all the way to the outside terrace.

Need to invite friends over to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or organise a wedding and accommodate all guests afterwards? One garden house with sufficient shelter, large spacious rooms and sauna readiness lets you realise all possible ideas from a large recreational lounge to functional living quarters for a large group of friends.