Cosy Corner 70 M Guesthouse / 9 m x 8.05 m / 53㎡ / 

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Cosy Corner 70 M Guesthouse / 9 m x 8.05 m / 53㎡ / 

Tired of rectangle- or square-shaped garden houses?
Here is the Cosy Corner 70 M guesthouse, with its very own figure.

Its originality lies in two specs:

  • Obviously the external room located outside the main building
  • Secondly the sheltered passage between the two.

Part of a longer terrace, this passage also acts as an ‘official’ hallway to the building and a more open view to the garden.

A Guesthouse

This medium model of the Cosy Corner series is the one typically dedicated to the regular household.

With one 12 m² extra-room compared to its smaller version, it offers a perfect housing for both parents and children.
Kids can indeed be granted their very own bedroom outside the main building – to their greatest joy!

A dining area forms the rest of the guesthouse with the possibility of an open kitchen.
The remaining smaller private room gladly hosting a bathroom.

But the contemporary design of the Cosy Corner 70 M can be used in many other ways.
Why not storing bicycles in the outside room?
Why not use the main building as a workshop?

All of which functions you can always change. We promise you will still be able to enjoy your coffee anywhere on your (optional) terrace.

Of design and practicality

The windows and doors designed for this family product are ideally suited to the intended design.
As such, they ensure the required openness and light of the bungalow – four your own good.

Offer your guests the opportunity to enjoy an environment created from natural wood.
Grant them a healthy design house!

Add to that your own superb colour combination, and they will respectfully nod before your work.


And if after considering this model, you feel like this isn’t quite the guesthouse you’re looking for, make sure to have a look at all our range of Style houses.
Don’t forget this Cosy Corner M is also available with sauna!

Or maybe your garden could fall for another style?
Rest assured, as you are given many different ones to choose from.

Still not convinced? Feel free to submit your idea to us!
We’ll be more than happy to help you realise it, and liven up that special place on your land. For your own special guesthouse.

Exterior dimensions

9 m x 8.05 m

Wall height

2.35 m

Gable height

2.5 m


1 x laminated timber 3-part folding door with glazed assembly approx. 2.4 m x 1.98 m, 1 x laminated timber single door fully glazed with glazed assembly approx. 0.95 m x 1.98 m, 2 x laminated timber interior door approx. 0.8 m x 1.98 m


1 x top opening window with glazed assembly approx. 0.8 x 0.4 m, 1 x top opening window with glazed assembly approx. 1.2 x 0.4 m, 3 x tilt and turn double window with glazed assembly approx. 1.6 x 1.85 m


Unimpregnated Nordic spruce, NB! Colour photographs are illustrative

Product includes

Installation guide

The packaging includes an installation guide for assembling the garden house.

Roof boarding

18 mm thick tongue and groove roof boarding.


Laminated timber posts with sink bolts.


Securing devices

Securing devices for assembling the garden house


All mortices are as braces to ensure wind and rain protection

Roof underlay material

Bitumen underlay

Roof trough

Roof trough

Top opening windows

Quality laminated timber windows with glazed assembly, seals, ROTO fittings and aluminium drip mould

Tilt and turn windows

Quality laminated timber windows with glazed assembly, seals, tilt and turn ROTO fittings and aluminium drip mould

Threaded rods

Threaded rods for storm protection and wall enforcement

Folding doors

Quality laminated timber doors with sealed unit, seals, ROTO fittings, glazed assembly and aluminium threshold.


Quality laminated timber doors with sealed unit, seals, 3D adjustable hinges and stainless steel threshold.

Inner doors

High-quality natural wooden doors with glued laminated wood panels and 3D adjustable hinges.

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