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Flers A 44 / 4,2 m x 3,0 m / 19㎡ / 44 mm

Bring some cosiness, practicality and style into your garden with this charming cabin.
As compact as it comes, it will nonetheless enlighten your outdoor days!

A compact…

With 12 m² of inner surface area, the Flers A hut is indeed compact. It is thus perfect for small gardens, whether you decide to set it up in the middle of it or in a corner.

The light coming in through the glazed double-door only, this cabin can indeed have its other sides placed out of view. You will not lose any incoming light or view that way either.

This being said, and even though you will be provided with impregnation-glaze, keep in mind it’s always better for the timber to avoid constant shadow and thus humidity.
As a result, prefer an open mesh fence over a wall of concrete to surround part of your hut.

…and stylish hut

Despite its compact size, the Flers range of bungalows is also stylish.
How’s that?

First the sliding double-glazed door which comes in handy for a hut that size. Or should I say a quadruple-glazed sliding door, as it is divided into four parts, the sliding glass panel positioning itself over the outer glass panels.

However you want to call it, one can clearly see it will let a lot of natural light shine inside, on top of the modern aspect it will give to the overall garden.

Second, the vintage open gable style roof that extends as an overhang on the entrance side. 70 cm of shelter for you to stand under whenever needed.
It is practical for sure, its benefits proven, and also gives a stylish look to your hut.

Take a few steps back; not an unpleasant cabin to look at indeed!

And if after considering this model, you feel like this isn’t quite the cabin you’re looking for, make sure to have a look at all our range of Vintage houses.

Or maybe your garden could fall for another style? Rest assured, as you are given many different ones to choose from!

Still not convinced? Feel free to submit your idea to us! We’ll be more than happy to help you realise it, and liven up that special place on your land.
For your own special home garden cabin.

Exterior dimensions

4,2 m x 3,0 m

Total area

~ 19 m²

Interior area

~ 12 m²

Wall thickness

44 mm

Wall height

2.1 m

Gable height

2.55 m


1 x Laminated timber 4-part sliding door with glazed assembly approx. 2.6 m x 1.98 m

Mortise end

100 mm


Unimpregnated Nordic spruce, NB! Colour photographs are illustrative


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Product includes

Installation guide

The packaging includes an installation guide for assembling the garden house.

Roof boarding

18 mm thick tongue and groove roof boarding.

Securing devices

Securing devices for assembling the garden house


All mortices are as braces to ensure wind and rain protection

Roof underlay material

Bitumen underlay

Eaves pole

Eaves supporting pole

Gable boarding


Threaded rods

Threaded rods for storm protection and wall enforcement

Aluminium-profile sliding doors

ROTO aluminum-profile sliding doors with high quality glazed assembly, fittings and gaskets.

About extras

Liquid wood preservative stain
Attention! The price of the Remmers coating does not include covering the summerhouse!Remmers HK Stain is the official partner of Nordic Bungalows summerhouses coating. The team of Nordic Bungalow have calculated the approximate quantity of Remmers HK Stain required to protect Your gardenhouse.
  • Remmers HK stain consists of 3in1: Impregnation, primer and translucent coating and it also
  • Protects the wood from humidity and contains preventive protection against blue stain
  • Coupled with constructive wood preservation measures it reduces the risk of soft rot
  • Higher solid content ensures protection against nesting wasps
  • Film protection against mould and algae
  • Breathing active
  • Penetrates deeply
  • Can be worked over without sanding. See more from Remmers
See the variety of stain colours:
garden house colours remmers
Depending on the chosen model, the production of your bungalow will take from 3 to 5 weeks, with an added transportation time of 1-2 weeks

3 060.00

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Flers A 44 / 4,2 m x 3,0 m / 19㎡ / 44 mm

3 060.00

Roof shingles

Choose a suitable coloured bitumen shingle with hexagonal butt:

Wood protection lasur I

Choose a colour for your walls:

Wood protection lasur II

Choose a colour for your doors, windows and posts:


I would like to order with this house: impregnated light foundation beams + 28mm floorboards