Gentle Garden 44 M Dawn / 5.8 m x 6.7 m / 40㎡ / 44 mm

Fond of contemporary design and eager to let the light shine in?
Enjoy the first and last rays of daylight from this two-storey open-to-the-outside Dawn cabin.

Gentle Garden 44 M Dawn / 5.8 m x 6.7 m / 40㎡ / 44 mm

This two-storey garden bungalow has plenty of total floor area.
Which we believe is already enough for a large family to spend some free time together, days and nights alike.
Nights? That’s right.

A two-storey garden cabin

The upper floor of this modern cabin offers you also space of wooden floor to set up mattresses and the like.

You can then enjoy a large living-room on the ground floor.
And feel unrestrained as the entrance corridor blends in and gives extra-space.

The remaining open space of this garden bungalow can be used as an open kitchen in its own corner, while the closed room can be your new shower-room.
These are of course ideas you’re free to adapt according to your own needs.

Solid above all

Another figure you have probably already considered when clicking on this item: the solid wall thickness. 44 mm of pure Nordic spruce to shield you against wind, rain or snow. You can be sure this cabin is synonymous to a lasting top-quality, all year-round. The shape of the roof will help you in it, taking the rainfall in and letting it flow down to the ground.

Inside you will then stand, among the warmth and the cosy, watching the elements unchain from the large double-glazed windows.
At dawn, you will stand there again and witness the lot of natural light coming through – for your own good!

And if after considering this model, you feel like this isn’t quite the garden bungalow you’re looking for, make sure to have a look at all our range of Style houses.

Or maybe your garden could fall for another style?
Rest assured, as you are given many different ones to choose from.

Still not convinced? Feel free to submit your idea to us!
We’ll be more than happy to help you realise it, and liven up that special place on your land. For your own special garden bungalow.


5.8 m x 6.7 m

Kogu pindala

~ 40 m²

Sisemine pindala

~ 26 m² + 12 m²

Varjualuse pindala

~ 11 m²

Seina paksus

44 mm

Seina kõrgus

2.7 m

Katuseharja kõrgus

3.8 m


1 x laminated timber interior door approx. 0.8 m x 1.98 m, 2 x laminated timber double door fully glazed with glazed assembly approx. 1.54 m x 1.98 m


2 x Fixed 2-part window with glazed assembly approx. 2.7 x 0.54 m, 2 x fixed trapezoid window with glazed assembly, approx. 1.1 x 1.46 m, 2 x fixed trapezoid window with glazed assembly, approx. 1.1 x 2.12 m, 2 x top opening window with glazed assembly approx. 1.2 x 0.4 m

Katuse pindala

~ 40 m²




Unimpregnated Nordic spruce, NB! Colour photographs are illustrative

Product includes

Roof boarding

18 mm thick tongue and groove roof boarding.


Laminated timber posts with sink bolts.



All of the construction details are made of natural lamitated timber

Roof underlay material

Bitumen underlay

Top opening windows

Quality laminated timber windows with glazed assembly, seals, ROTO fittings and aluminium drip mould

Fixed windows

Quality laminated timber glazed assembly windows

Tilt and turn windows

Quality laminated timber windows with glazed assembly, seals, tilt and turn ROTO fittings and aluminium drip mould

Threaded rods

Threaded rods for storm protection and wall enforcement


Quality laminated timber doors with sealed unit, seals, 3D adjustable hinges and stainless steel threshold.

Inner doors

High-quality natural wooden doors with glued laminated wood panels and 3D adjustable hinges.

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