Superb Studio 44 A Square / 4,61 m x 4,31 m / 20㎡ / 44 mm

Are you looking for a garden studio, where to accommodate guests, tenants – or even install a home office?
The Superb Studio 44 A Square offers you just that.

Superb Studio 44 A Square / 4,61 m x 4,31 m / 20㎡ / 44 mm

Are you looking for a garden studio, where to accommodate guests, tenants – or even install a home office – in all autonomy?
Our range of studios offers you just that, as far as you are ready to do the necessary plumbing work.

An independent garden office

You run a campsite and feel like offering your clients unique solid constructions while standing out from competition?
As a garden owner who has room enough to install a bungalow, you’d like your guests to be comfortably hosted?
And maybe even rent the place out to occasional travellers?

You get just that with 15 m² of living room + 3 m² of private room.
If you take care of the necessary steps to make a bathroom in the latter, you will end up with a proper independent studio. In your own garden or campsite!

Note the fully-glazed window facade in front, which differs from its skewed sister-model that offers extra light openings from the top side.

Whichever garden studio you go for, it will deliver a great amount of natural light inside, for your own good.
Add to that two hopper windows in the back that will also air the main room and the bathroom.

A multi-functional cabin

Looking at the organisation of the A Square garden studio, one can clearly also use it differently.

How about a home office?
Your own little sports- or relaxation hall (the ceilings are high after all)?
A workshop?

All in all, a garden room where you or your guests can spend some peaceful time in all autonomy.
Or a designated garden office where work will feel easier and nicer than ever.

And if after considering this model, you feel like this isn’t quite the house you’re looking for, make sure to have a look at all our range of fusion-styled bungalows.

Or maybe your garden could fall for another style?
Rest assured, as you are given many different ones to choose from.

Still not convinced? Feel free to submit your idea to us!
We’ll be more than happy to help you realise it, and liven up that special place on your land. For your own garden studio.


4,61 m x 4,31 m

Kogu pindala

~ 20 m²

Sisemine pindala

~ 19 m²

Seina paksus

44 mm

Seina kõrgus

2.7 m

Katuseharja kõrgus

2.7 m


1 x laminated timber interior door approx. 0.8 m x 1.98 m, laminated timber 2-part sliding door with glazed assembly, approx 2.0 m x 2.06 m


2 x top opening window with glazed assembly approx. 1.2 x 0.56 m, 2x fixed window with glazed assembly approx. 2.0 m x 0.43 m




Unimpregnated Nordic spruce, NB! Colour photographs are illustrative

Product includes

Installation guide

The packaging includes an installation guide for assembling the garden house.


All of the construction details are made of natural lamitated timber

Securing devices

Securing devices for assembling the garden house

Roof underlay material

Bitumen underlay

Top opening windows

Quality laminated timber windows with glazed assembly, seals, ROTO fittings and aluminium drip mould

Fixed windows

Quality laminated timber glazed assembly windows

Threaded rods

Threaded rods for storm protection and wall enforcement

Sliding doors

Quality laminated timber doors with double glazing sealed unit and aluminium threshold.

Inner doors

High-quality natural wooden doors with glued laminated wood panels and 3D adjustable hinges.

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