Terms of Delivery

What is the delivery time for a bungalow?

Generally, we do not keep bungalows in our warehouses because of the risk of damage to the bungalows. We manufacture each house to order so that we can always deliver a brand-new bungalow to you. After the confirmation of the order and payment have been received, it will take about 3–5 weeks for your bungalow to be manufactured depending on the model. Delivery will take an additional 1–2 weeks.

How is a bungalow transported?

In Estonia, a bungalow is transported on a crane truck or semi-trailer with a forklift. The bungalow will be unloaded in the location convenient for you or as close to it as possible. During transport, we need to take into account the road conditions, street width, traffic restrictions and other similar conditions. Where and how the house is unloaded is decided by the driver, who must make sure the unloading is safe both for the persons present and the products.

How will we notify you of the delivery?

We will send you a notice as soon as your bungalow is ready. Then, we will agree on the delivery time with you.

What happens if you are not at home at the agreed time?

We will only deliver the products to the contractual Buyer and based on his/her identity document. If you are not at home, you can authorise someone else to accept the goods on your behalf. Make sure you send the written authorisation to Bangalo Grupp OÜ at info@nordic-bungalow.eu. This should be done at least 2 business days before the delivery, so we can notify the transport company of the changes.

If we have agreed on the delivery, but delivery is impossible due to a hindrance on your part (neither you or a person authorised by you is there to accept the product), the bungalow will be returned to the warehouse and you will be contacted. In this case, an extra charge may be added for making the new delivery.

What to do if you wish to change the delivery address?

If you need to change the delivery address provided in the order, send a free-form written notification to Bangalo Grupp OÜ at info@nordic-bungalow.eu

What to do in case the product is damaged during transport?

We do our best to make sure the bungalows are properly packaged and intact. If there are visible signs of damage on the packaging of your bungalow, please register these on the delivery note immediately. Send the information together with a photo or photos to Bangalo Grupp OÜ at info@nordic-bungalow.eu or fill in the claim form in Nordic-Bungalow’s online shop.